Keep Employees Productive with Coffee

Every shift manager, administrator, human resources director, and office manager knows that coffee, tea, and healthy snacks are the essentials to keeping employees, themselves included, productive. That mid-morning meeting, the afternoon slump around two o’clock, or three in the morning for the overnight shift are the most common times people begin to work slower, have zero energy, or lose interest in all that paperwork. Running out of coffee supplies will result in chaos in the break room.

Easy to Forget

If a shift gets hectic, a project has professionals working overtime, or something unexpected occurs during the day, it is easy to forget to stock up on break room items. No coffee, tea, sweetener, or soda can really place a dent in morale. One way to ensure that does not happen is to arrange for coffee delivery on a regular basis.

Multiple Options

Experienced companies, such as Associated Coffee, have a huge variety of beverages, snacks, paper goods, even cleaning supplies for the break room. Coffee and tea makers range from traditional coffee equipment to the newest single-cup espresso machine. A one-stop shop makes ordering fast and convenient. Bottled water or an eco-friendly filtration system, over twenty brands of coffee, organic teas, juices, soda, and even milk if desired makes for a well-rounded selection of drinks to accommodate any preference.

Snacks range from candy to chips to healthy granola bars. Grab and go meal alternatives, such as soups, sandwiches, and cheese and crackers, are an option as well. Orders can be completed online, as can bill paying and requesting a service call for equipment. All detailed information, along with contact numbers for quotes, is found at Associated Coffee.

Way Beyond Coffee

In addition to keeping productivity at maximum levels, a stocked break room also lets employees know they are valued by the company. That makes a big difference when it comes to satisfaction, going the extra mile when necessary, and a positive work environment. Many employees rank knowing their work is appreciated higher than rate of pay when filling out surveys. This just may be the most cost-effective employee appreciation strategy in which the company can participate.

Go online, view selections and program options, and never worry about running out of coffee again. Delivery can be arranged at specified intervals, or items can be ordered as needed. This is helpful for smaller offices and companies. An office of eight people will certainly not go through coffee and tea like an office or workplace with one-hundred or more employees. The company is located in Northern California, but provides services nationwide.